I'm Robb Lejuwaan, an American artist who works in a studio above the garage in my house in Atlanta, GA, USA.

I love to paint with oil paint on hardwood so I can scrape and beat up the surface without fear of tearing canvas. However, from time to time, I do accidentally put holes in the hardwood.

I also work with acrylic paint, spray paint, crayon, graphite, and tape on canvas and paper.

Music is a critical part of my process. I imagine what the music looks like as I listen, which directly influences what ends up on the hardwood or canvas. If that doesn't work, I talk to the painting or pray to the Muse for guidance.

When everything goes just right in the studio, I enter a flow state. When I come out of that state, I'm always surprised by what I see, having no recollection of having painted what is before me.

So ultimately, for me, painting is about experiencing joy and love and freedom that show up when I paint.